Your Partner

reportsAt Paystats we help companies attract and retain the best employees through remuneration surveys and reports.  Our information identifies the going market rate paid to employees in a range of specific positions relevant to their industry, enabling users to make smarter business decisions on how much to pay existing employees while attracting new desired recruits.

Our high degree of customer service and communication enable our clients to get the most of the surveys they participate in and the resulting data.  Our process is simple and easy to understand.   When appropriate, ed we provide online and in person member-only forums to disseminate information and connect HR professionals responsible for compensation in the same industry.

Our reports allow human resource professionals to contribute to the overall business strategy, conduct informed employee pay reviews and contract negotiations. We ensure that you understand the results and our consulting division, Red Barn Consulting Partners is available to provide in depth recommendations on employee compensation and human capital challenges and opportunities as they arise.