Why Paystats?

togetherPaystats prides itself on providing exceptional care and attention to our clients while delivering valuable compensation benchmarking data.   We listen to organizations detail the frustrations they are having with other compensation analytics providers in order to continuously enhance our comprehensive solution to meet and exceed your needs.  This is what we have heard:

  •  “I want more participant companies.” Some surveys do not include enough participants to make the data consistent and reliable.
  • “Our roles have changed and we are not able to make changes to the current survey content.”
  • “When I have a question I don’t know who to contact.”
  • “I would like some training on the job matching, remedy to understand how other organizations are matching and how to use the results effectively.”  Participants are not getting the support they need to ensure consistent data collection and interpretation of results.
  • “I don’t get enough value for my current participation”

Paystats customers do not experience these issues because after years of experience Paystats really understands what organizations value in the compensation survey and benchmarking process. We understand that you want more than survey results. Paystats ensures a complete, discount timely, valuable, and actionable compensation benchmarking analytic solution that includes:

  • Reliable information
  • A high degree of survey participation
  • Relevant job data
  • Timely reports
  • Convenient participation
  • Secure data collection
  • Attentive customer service